Small Crowd

Where are all the fans in the stands... felt like there was a pandemic going around

2023 Big Game Saturday Schedule

 DateDayThe Big GameLocation 
 September 4Monday Clemson at DukeDurham, NC 
 September 29Friday Columbia at Princeton Princeton, NJ
 September 30SaturdayWagner at Rutgers Piscataway, NJ
 October 5Thursday Sam Houston State at Liberty Lynchburg, VA
 October 7SaturdayTexas San Antonio at TemplePhiladelphia, PA
 October 14Saturday Sacred Heart at YaleNew Haven, CT
 October 27Friday Brown at PennPhiladelphia, PA
 November 18SaturdayMarshall at South AlabamaMobile, AL
November 25Saturday Charlotte at South Florida Tampa Bay, FL


Big Games Attended

DateHome TeamVisiting TeamLocationCrowdWeather
9/2/95 Clemson 55Western Carolina 9Clemson, SC65,00085oF Sunny
9/9/95 Clemson 26#1 Florida State 49Clemson, SC82,00092oF Sunny
9/23/95 Clemson 3#11 Virginia 22Clemson, SC70,00070oF Rainy
10/7/95 Clemson 17Georgia 19Clemson, SC83,50072oF Clear
10/28/95 Georgia Tech 3Clemson 24Atlanta, GA45,24570oF Sunny
11/4/95 Clemson 28North Carolina 17Clemson, SC74,00065oF Cloudy
11/11/95 Clemson 34Duke 17Clemson, SC63,00055oF Windy
9/7/96 Clemson 19Furman 3Clemson, SC62,50084oF Sunny
9/28/96 Clemson 21Wake Forest 10Clemson, SC65,00075oF Sunny
10/19/96 Clemson 28#22GeorgiaTech 25Clemson, SC70,00075oF Cloudy
11/16/96 Clemson 40N.C. State 17Clemson, SC65,00065oF Cloudy
11/23/96 Clemson 31South Carolina 34Clemson, SC83,00052oF Clear 
9/6/97 Clemson 23Appalachian St 12Clemson, SC62,00085oF Sunny
10/4/97 Clemson 39Texas El-Paso 7Clemson, SC62,00075oF Sunny
10/11/97 Clemson 7Virginia 21Clemson, SC75,00065oF Rainy
11/8/97 Clemson 29Duke 20   OTClemson, SC61,50072oF Sunny
9/5/98 Clemson 34Furman 0Clemson, SC70,00086oF Sunny
9/12/98 Clemson 0Virginia Tech 37Clemson, SC72,00085oF Sunny
9/26/98 Clemson 19Wake Forest 29Clemson, SC60,00080F Cloudy
10/3/98 Alabama 10#8 Florida 16Tuscaloosa, AL83,81878oF Sunny
10/10/98 Clemson 23Maryland 0Clemson, SC73,00080oF Sunny
10/31/98 Clemson 39N.C. State 46Clemson, SC62,00072oF Sunny
11/12/98 Clemson 21#23GeorgiaTech 24Clemson, SC62,00055oF Clear 
11/21/98 Clemson 28South Carolina 19Clemson, SC83,50053oF Clear 
9/4/99 Auburn 22Appalachian S 15Auburn, AL70,00078oF Clear 
9/18/99 Duke 12Northwestern 15Durham, NC18,72082oF Sunny
9/25/99 East Carolina 27 #13 Miami 23Raleigh, NC45,90078oF Clear 
10/9/99 N.C. State 35Clemson 31Raleigh, NC48,00070oF Clear 
10/16/99 North Carolina 12Houston 20Chapel Hill, NC38,00075oF Sunny
10/23/99 #20EastCarolina52Tulane 7Greenville, NC35,02150oF Clear 
11/6/99 North Carolina 3Wake Forest 19Chapel Hill, NC40,00065oF Sunny
11/13/99 Duke 48Wake Forest 35Durham, NC29,45772oF Sunny
9/30/00 Duke 22#8 Clemson 52Durham, NC16,87275oF Sunny
10/14/00 East Carolina 42Army 21Greenville, NC39,20055oF Clear 
10/21/00 North Carolina 24#3 Clemson 38Chapel Hill, NC55,00060oF Clear 
11/18/00 Alabama 0#19 Auburn 9Tuscaloosa, AL85,98635oF Rain
11/10/01 #11 Maryland 37Clemson 20College Park, MD52,46258oF Clear 
8/31/02 Alabama 39 Middle Tenn 34Birmingham,AL80,09189oF Sunny
9/5/02 Temple 3Oregon State 35Philadelphia, PA19,00072oF Clear 
9/7/02 Navy 19#19 N.C. State 65Annapolis, MD31,00082oF Sunny
9/14/02 Temple 21#1 Miami 44Philadelphia, PA44,00075oF Cloudy
9/28/02 Navy 17Duke 43Annapolis, MD30,00080oF Sunny
10/5/02 West Chester 31Kutztown 24West Chester, PA3,80060oF Clear 
10/26/02 West Virginia 23#1 Miami 40Morgantown,WV56,81750oF Cloudy
11/2/02 Rutgers 17#1 Miami 42Piscataway, NJ28,00045oF Cloudy
11/9/02 Navy 23 #9 Notre Dame 30Baltimore, MD65,00068oF Sunny
11/23/02 Mississippi State 19Arkansas 26Starkville, MS36,00065oF Sunny
8/30/03 #16 Tennessee 24Fresno State 6Knoxville, TN103,86091oF Sunny
8/31/03 Kentucky 24Louisville 40Lexington, KY67,00068oF Storms
9/1/03 Cincinnati 40East Carolina 3Cincinnati, OH28,01178oF Hazy
9/6/03 Temple 20Villanova 23   2OTPhiladelphia, PA30,00077oF Sunny
9/13/03 Delaware 44Richmond 14Newark, DE21,38868oF Cloudy
9/20/03 Navy 39Eastern Michigan 7Annapolis, MD27,50080oF Sunny
9/27/03 Syracuse 34Toledo 7Syracuse, NY29,00072oF Dome
10/4/03 Maryland 21Clemson 7College Park, MD51,88365oF Cloudy
10/11/03 Temple 13Boston College 38Philadelphia, PA22,00066oF Cloudy
10/18/03 Delaware 55Rhode Island 10Newark, DE20,50057oF Sunny
10/25/03 Navy 17Delaware 21Annapolis, MD34,98265oF Sunny
11/1/03 Navy 35Tulane 17Annapolis, MD30,00073oF Sunny
11/15/03 Temple 23#12 Va Tech 24 OTPhiladelphia, PA28,00052oF Sunny
11/22/03 Navy 63Central Mich 34Annapolis, MD29,50067oF Sunny
12/31/03 Auburn 28Wisconsin 14Nashville, TN55,10956oF Sunny
8/28/04 Virginia Tech 13#1 Southern Cal 24Landover, MD91,66578oF Humid
9/2/04 Villanova 20Bucknell 14Villanova, PA9,02974oF Clear
9/4/04 Navy 27Duke 12Annapolis, MD29,03278oF Clear 
9/11/04 Navy 28Northeastern 24Annapolis, MD25,00075oF Cloudy
9/25/04 Navy 29Vanderbilt 26Annapolis, MD32,50080oFCloudy
9/30/04 Connecticut 29Pittsburgh 17East Hartford,CT40,00058oF Damp 
10/2/04 Boston College 29Massachusetts 7Chestnut HillMA43,26265oF Cloudy
10/9/04Temple 22Pittsburgh 27Philadelphia, PA19,51768oF Cloudy
10/15/04 UAB 41TCU 25Birmingham, AL33,28048oF Clear 
10/16/04 Alabama 27#24Southern Miss 3Tuscaloosa, AL82,09474oF Sunny
10/23/04 Clemson 10Maryland 7Clemson, SC78,00061oF Cloudy
10/30/04 Navy 34Delaware 20Annapolis, MD34,41665oF Cloudy
11/13/04 Temple 34Syracuse 24Philadelphia, PA15,56440oF Sunny
11/20/04 Temple 17#19 Boston C. 34Philadelphia, PA14,08155oF Cloudy
12/31/04 Alabama 16Minnesota 20Nashville, TN66,08965oF Cloudy
9/1/05 Toledo 62Western Illinois 14Toledo, OH20,09271oF Clear 
9/2/05 Central Mich 13Indiana 20Mt Pleasant, MI22,21259oF Clear 
9/3/05 #4 Michigan 33Northern Illinois 17Ann Arbor, MI110,97178oF Sunny
9/10/05 Maryland 24#25 Clemson 28 College Park, MD50,63781oF Cloudy
9/10/05 Navy 38Stanford 41Annapolis, MD35,67077oF Clear 
9/24/05 Temple 16Western Mich 19Philadelphia, PA8,92275oF Cloudy
9/24/05 Delaware 35Holy Cross 23Newark, DE22,02568oF Cloudy 
10/8/05 Navy 27Air Force 24Annapolis, MD35,21174oF Rain
10/15/05 Navy 34Kent State 31Annapolis, MD30,31675oF Sunny
10/29/05 #11 Penn State 33Purdue 15State College, PA109,46748oF Sunny
11/5/05 Navy 49Tulane 21Annapolis, MD33,60876oF Sunny
11/19/05 Navy 38Temple 17Annapolis, MD30,26147oF Sunny
12/3/05 Wesley 46Bridgewater 7Dover, DE3,00036oF Cloudy
8/31/06 Buffalo 9Temple 3   OTBuffalo, NY29,79556oF Clear 
9/2/06 Pittsburgh 38Virginia 13Pittsburgh, PA46,75858oF Damp 
9/9/06 Navy 21Massachusetts 20Annapolis, MD30,11776oF Sunny
9/23/06 Navy 23Tulsa 24  OTAnnapolis, MD31,60477oF Windy
9/30/06 Army 14Rice 48West Point, NY31,59762oF Rain
10/7/13 Temple 17Kent State 28Philadelphia, PA13,70460oF Cloudy
10/14/06 Navy 0#24 Rutgers 34Annapolis, MD36,91860oF Sunny
10/26/06 Virginia Tech 24#10 Clemson 7Blacksburg, VA66,23347oF Cloudy
10/28/06 Temple 28Bowling Green 14Philadelphia, PA17,43165oF Windy
11/4/06 Temple 26Central Mich 42Philadelphia, PA16,09147oF Cloudy
11/11/06 Delaware 28William & Mary 14Newark, DE20,65566oF Sunny
11/18/06 Navy 42Temple 6Annapolis, MD33,92750oF Cloudy
12/2/06 Wesley 34M.Hardin-Baylor 20Dover, DE3,00048oF Sunny
12/23/06 South Florida 24East Carolina 7Birmingham, AL32,02360oF Sunny
12/29/06 Kentucky 28Clemson 20Nashville, TN68,02466oF Sunny
8/31/07 Temple 19Navy 30Philadelphia, PA30,36876oF Clear
9/1/07 Maryland 31Villanova 14College Park, MD50,38977oF Clear 
9/8/07 Temple 7Buffalo 42Philadelphia, PA15,62990oF Sunny
9/15/07 Navy 31Ball State 34  OTAnnapolis, MD32,08768oF Clear
9/22/07 Navy 46Duke 43Annapolis, MD31,27885oF Hazy 
9/29/07 Navy 31Air Force 20Annapolis, MD37,61572oF Sunny
10/4/07 Delaware State 24BethuneCookman10Dover, DE5,00070oF Clear 
10/6/07 Temple 16Northern Illinois 15Philadelphia, PA21,06575oF Sunny
10/13/07 West Chester 21Kutztown 0West Chester, PA3,80052oF Crisp 
10/20/07 Navy 24Wake Forest 44Annapolis, MD36,99275oF Sunny
10/27/07 Maryland 17Clemson 30College Park, MD50,94870oF Cloudy
11/2/07 Bowling Green 44Akron 20B. Green, OH12,76642oF Night
11/3/07 Notre Dame 44Navy 46   3OTSouth Bend, IN80,79553oF Sunny
11/17/07 Alabama 14La-Monroe 21Tuscaloosa, AL92,13864oF Cloudy
11/20/07 Troy 45Middle Tennessee 7Troy, AL18,24260oF Clear 
12/1/07 Wesley 10M.Hardin-Baylor27Dover, DE2,50041oF Sunny
8/28/08 South Carolina 34N.C. State 0Columbia, SC80,61682oF Muggy 
8/30/08 #1 Georgia 45Ga Southern 21Athens, GA92,74690oF Cloudy
8/30/08 #9 Clemson 10#24 Alabama 34Atlanta, GA70,09772oF Dome
9/4/08 Delaware State 35Florida A&M 28Dover, DE6,21675oF Windy 
9/20/08 Navy 23Rutgers 21Annapolis, MD37,82175oF Sunny
9/27/08 Temple 3Western Mich 7Philadelphia, PA17,62470oF Cloudy
10/11/08 Delaware 10 Maine 27Newark, DE21,30262oF Clear 
10/18/08 Navy 21Pittsburgh 42Annapolis, MD37,97058oF Windy
10/25/08 Temple 14Ohio 10Philadelphia, PA18,82452oF Windy 
11/1/08 Navy 33Temple 27  OT Annapolis, MD34,77570oF Sunny
11/8/08 Villanova 24New Hampshire 13Villanova, PA6,62755oF Wet 
11/15/08 Navy 21Notre Dame 27Baltimore, MD70,92364oF Downpour
11/22/08 Delaware 7Villanova 21Newark, DE21,45736oF Cloudy
12/20/08 Navy 19Wake Forest 29Washington DC28,77738oF Cloudy
9/3/09 Temple 24Villanova 27Philadelphia, PA27,75972oF Cloudy 
9/4/09 Delaware 35West Chester 0Newark, DE22,00668oF Cloudy 
9/5/09 Wesley 34Chris Newport 0Dover, DE2,03984oF Sunny
9/12/09 Navy 32Louisiana Tech 14Annapolis, MD29,10268oF Cloudy 
9/19/09 Penn 3Villanova 14Philadelphia, PA14,87669oF Clear 
9/26/09 Temple 37Buffalo 13Philadelphia, PA13,94966oFCloudy 
10/3/09 Maryland 24Clemson 21College Park, MD46,24375oF Sunny
10/10/09 Virginia 47Indiana 7Charlottesville,VA45,37166oF Cloudy
10/31/09 Delaware 8James Madison 20Newark, DE20,63961oF Misty
11/5/09 Temple 34Miami (Ohio) 32Philadelphia, PA13,82745oF Clear
11/7/09 Wesley 28Lake Erie 13Dover, DE1,78456oF Sunny
11/21/09 Lehigh 27Lafayette 21  OTBethlehem, PA15,71458oF Sunny
11/28/09 Wesley 43Mississippi College 9Dover, DE91150oF Sunny 
12/12/09 Army 3Navy 17Philadelphia, PA69,54139oF Sunny 
12/27/09 Clemson 21Kentucky 13Nashville, TN57,28037oF Cold 
1/2/10 Connecticut 20South Carolina 7Birmingham, AL 45,25436oF Sunny 
9/2/10 #2 Ohio State 45Marshall  7Columbus, OH105,04087oF Muggy 
9/3/10 Toledo 2Arizona 41Toledo, OH25,90768oF Breezy
9/4/10 Michigan State 38Western Mich 14East Lansing, MI75,76960oFWindy  
9/4/10 Eastern Mich 27Army 31Ypsilanti, MI11,31856oF Windy 
9/6/10 Maryland 17Navy 14Baltimore, MD69,34881oF Sunny
9/6/10 #10 Va Tech 30#3 Boise State 33Landover, MD86,58775oF Clear 
9/9/10 Temple 13Central Mich10  OTPhiladelphia, PA15,15270oF Breezy 
9/11/10 Delaware 26South Dakota St 3Newark, DE19,85478oF Sunny
9/18/10 Duke 13#1 Alabama 62Durham, NC39,04288oF Sunny
10/2/10 Penn 35Dartmouth 28  OTPhiladelphia, PA10,40765oF Sunny
10/7/10 West Chester 44Shippens. 43 2OTWest Chester, PA3,56958oF Clear 
10/9/10 Wesley 64Apprentice School 7Dover, DE3,00078oF Sunny
10/16/10 Navy 28SMU 21Annapolis, MD33,92463oF Sunny 
11/13/10 Tulane 54Rice 49New Orleans, LA16,69873o Dome
11/13/10 #5 LSU 51Louisiana-Monroe 0Baton Rouge, LA92,51865oF Balmy 
11/18/10 #11 Alabama 63Georgia State 7Tuscaloosa, AL101,82155oF Clear 
11/20/10 UAB 31Memphis 15Birmingham, AL16,17771oF Sunny
11/26/10 #9 Alabama 27#2 Auburn 28Tuscaloosa, AL101,82145oF Damp
12/4/10 Wesley 19M. Hardin-Baylor 9Dover, DE3,00042oF Cloudy
12/11/10 Army 17Navy 31Philadelphia, PA69,22344oF Cloudy
9/1/11 Temple 42Villanova 7Philadelphia, PA32,63875oF Clear
10/1/11 Temple 13Toledo 36Philadelphia, PA21,70562oF Cloudy
10/8/11 Navy 35Southern Miss 63Annapolis, MD33,46270oF Sunny
10/15/11 Maryland 45#8 Clemson 56College Park, MD47,96163oF Clear 
10/27/11 #18 Houston 73Rice 34Houston, TX32,11275oFShowers 
10/28/11 TCU 38Brigham Young 28Arlington, TX50,09458oF Clear 
10/29/11 #16 Texas A&M 31Missouri 38  OTCollege Station,TX86,93470oF Sunny
10/29/11 #24 Texas 43Kansas 0Austin, TX99,21160oF Clear 
11/5/11 Navy 42Troy 14Annapolis, MD33,35950oF Sunny
11/9/11 Temple 24Miami (Ohio) 21Philadelphia, PA17,05053oF Clear 
11/19/11 Temple 42Army 14Philadelphia, PA25,51652oF Cloudy
11/25/11 Temple 34Kent State 16Philadelphia, PA16,36858oF Sunny
11/26/11 Wesley 49Linfield 34Dover, DE92160oF Sunny
1/4/12 #14 Clemson 33#23 West Va 70Miami Gardens,FL67,56355oF Clear 
8/30/12 Delaware 41West Chester 21Newark, DE18,82378oF Clear 
8/31/12 Temple 41Villanova 10Philadelphia, PA32,709 82oF Clear 
9/8/12Syracuse 29 #2 Southern Cal 42 E. Rutherford, NJ 39,507 84oF Storms 
9/15/12 Wesley 25 Mary-Hardin Baylor 32 Dover, DE 2,500 74o Sunny
9/29/12 Navy 0 San Jose State 12 Annapolis, MD 32,375 68oF Cloudy 
10/6/12 Temple 37 South Florida 28 Philadelphia, PA 25,796 75oF Sunny 
10/13/12  Princeton 19 Brown 0 Princeton, NJ 6,482 55oF Sunny 
10/20/12  Temple 10 #19 Rutgers 35 Philadelphia, PA 35,142 64oF Sunny 
10/25/12  Wake Forest 13 #14 Clemson 42 Winston-Sal, NC 31,162 70oF Clear 
10/27/12  #11 Florida State 48  Duke 7Tallahassee, FL 71,467 75oF Sunny 
11/3/12  #8 Florida 14 Missouri 7 Gainesville, FL 90,496  83oF Sunny
11/17/12  Navy 21 Texas State 10 Annapolis, MD 31,004  50oF Clear
11/23/12  Temple 20 Syracuse 38 Philadelphia, PA 22,317 52oF Sunny
12/8/12  Army 13 Navy 17 Philadelphia, PA 69,607 48oF Damp
8/29/13 Delaware 51 Jacksonville 35 Newark, DE 19,120 80oF Clear
9/6/13  Wesley 33 Widener 21 Dover, DE 2,500 71oF Clear
9/7/13  Virginia 10 #2 Oregon 59 Charlottesville, VA 58,502 80oF Sunny
9/14/13  Temple 29 Fordham 30 Philadelphia, PA 20,047 68oF Cloudy
10/5/13  Syracuse 14 #3 Clemson 49 Syracuse, NY 48,961 72oF Dome
10/19/13  Temple 33 Army 14 Philadelphia, PA 25,533 64oF Cloudy
10/26/13  Maryland 27 #9 Clemson 40  College Park, MD 48,134 56oF Sunny 
11/2/13  Virginia 10 #8 Clemson 59 Charlottesville, VA 46,959 66oF Cloudy
11/9/13  Navy 42 Hawaii 28 Annapolis, MD 33,327 51oF Clear
11/16/13  Navy 42 South Alabama 14 Annapolis, MD 33,086 50oF Foggy
11/21/13  #17Central Florida 41 Rutgers 17 Orlando, FL 41,244 71oF Clear
11/23/13  Florida Atlantic 55 New Mexico St. 10 Baco Raton, FL 12,253 82oF Sunny 
11/23/13  Florida Int. 10 Marshall 48 Miami, FL 15,891 75oF Clear
9/13/14 West Chester 38Mercyhurst 14West Chester, PA4,59368oF Rain
9/13/14 Delaware 28Colgate 25Newark, DE15,31966oF Overcast
9/27/14 #21 Nebraska 45Illinois 14Lincoln, NE91,25574oF Clear
10/4/14 #16 USC 34Arizona State 38Los Angeles, CA70,11592oF Sunny
10/4/14 #8 UCLA 28Utah 30Pasadena, CA74,32984oF Hazy
10/18/14 Maryland 38Iowa 31College Park, MD48,37370oF Windy
11/22/14 Delaware 28Villanova 35Newark, DE17.05642oF Sunny
11/29/14 Wesley 59MIT 0Dover, DE1,02640oF Sunny
9/3/15 West Chester 28Lenoir-Rhyne 41West Chester, PA4,26488oF T-Storms 
9/4/15 Delaware 14Jacksonville 20Newark, DE17,47277oF Clear 
9/5/15 Navy 48Colgate 10Annapolis, MD28,01585oF Hot
9/12/15 Rutgers 34Washington State 37Piscataway, NJ46,53677oF Showers
9/17/15 Louisville 17#11 Clemson 20 Louisville, KY55,39681oF Clear
9/19/15 #16 Oklahoma 52Tulsa 38Norman, OK85, 65775oF P. Cloudy
9/19/15 #25 Oklahoma St. 69Texas San Antonio 14Stillwater, OK 54,35177oF Sunny
9/26/15 Penn State 37San Diego State 21State College, PA95,10770oF P. Cloudy
10/5/15 Wesley 59Southern Virginia 6Dover, DE69862oF P. Cloudy
10/10/15 Temple 49Tulane 10Philadelphia, PA35,17960oF Sunny
10/17/15 Old Dominion 37Charlotte 34Norfolk, VA20,11866oF Sunny
10/23/15 Penn 34Yale 20Philadelphia, PA5,84957oF Clear
11/21/15 Florida Int. 7Western Kentucky 63Miami, FL 14,380 75oF Downpour
9/1/16Delaware 56Delaware State 14Newark, DE17,835 77oF Clear
9/2/16Colorado 44Colorado State 7Denver, CO69,850 82oF Clear
9/3/16Air Force 37Abilene Christian 21Colorado Spring CO34,12884oF P. Sunny
9/3/16Wyoming 40Northern Illinois 34Laramie, WY18,48357oF Damp
9/10/16Boise State 31Washington State 28Boise, ID36,16374oF Clear
9/17/16#9 Wisconsin 23Georgia State 17Madison, WI79,88371oF Sunny
10/7/16Boston College 10#3 Clemson 56Chestnut Hill, MA44,50061oF Clear
10/8/16Harvard 29Cornell 13Boston, MA11,50970oF Cloudy
10/21/16Temple 46South Florida 30Philadelphia, PA25,95075oF Showers
11/19/16Wesley 38Stevenson 17Dover, DE1,614 70oF Sunny  
12/3/16#19 Navy 10Temple 34Annapolis,MD22,815 48oF Windy
8/31/17Delaware 22Delaware State 3Newark, DE18,04080oF Clear
9/1/17Rutgers 14#8 Washington 30Piscataway, NJ46,09366oF P. Cloudy
9/9/17Salisbury 63William Paterson 7Salisbury, MD1,86470oF Sunny
9/16/17Duke 34Baylor 20Durham, NC26,71486oF Sunny
9/16/17Wake Forest 46Utah State 10Winston-Sal, NC27,97182oF Sunny
9/30/17Delaware 10James Madison 20Newark, DE16,37262oF Windy
10/14/17West Virginia 46 #24 Texas Tech 35Morgantown, WV60,92878oF Sunny
11/2/17Temple 34Navy 26Philadelphia, PA26,12766oF Clear
11/4/17Frostburg State 17Kean 14Frostburg, MD1,45051oF Cloudy
11/4/17West Virginia 20#14 Iowa State 16Morgantown, WV55,83160oF Overcast
8/30/18Delaware 19Rhode Island 21Newark, DE17,94586oF Hot Night
9/1/18Temple 17Villanova 19Philadelphia, PA32,35773oF Cloudy
9/14/18Salisbury 28Kean 0Salisbury, MD86176oF Sun, Wind
9/22/18#12 West Virginia 35Kansas State 6Morgantown, WV59,24568oF P. Cloudy
10/13/18Penn 13Columbia 10Philadelphia, PA6,01155oF Crisp 
10/20/18Temple 24#20 Cincinnati 17Philadelphia, PA33,02660oF P. Sunny
11/10/18Old Dominion 34North Texas 31Norfolk, VA18,06255oF Sunny
12/1/18Appalachian State 30Louisiana-Lafayette 19Boone, NC14,96344oF Rain 
12/1/18#2 Clemson 42Pittsburgh 10Charlotte, NC67,78455oF Rain
8/29/19Delaware 31Delaware State 13Newark, DE15,89478oF Clear
9/14/19Delaware 22North Dakota State 47Newark, DE14,48977oF Overcast
9/21/19Ole Miss 20#23 California 28Oxford, MS46,85087oF Sunny
9/21/19Arkansas State 41Southern Illinois 28Jonesboro, AR24,17685oF Clear
9/28/19Liberty 17New Mexico 10Lynchburg, VA17,10178oF Clear
11/2/19West Chester 17Kutztown 30West Chester, PA6,149 53oF Sunny
11/7/19Coastal Carolina 7Louisiana-Lafayette 48Conway, SC14,857 66oF Clear
9/11/21Kent State 60VMI 10Kent, OH16,785 72oF Sunny
9/11/21Akron 24Temple 45Akron, OH14,573 75oF Sunny
9/25/21#7 Penn State 38Villanova 17State College, PA105,790 70oF Sunny
9/25/21Lock Haven 21East Stroudsburg 45Lock Haven, PA1,997 68oF Clear
10/9/21Navy 24 #23 SMU 31Annapolis, MD28,563 72oF Cloudy
10/23/21#23 Pitt 27 Clemson 17 Pittsburgh, PA 60,594 52oF Cloudy
10/30/21Delaware 17 Dixie State 10 Newark, DE8,391 63oF Sunny
9/1/22Purdue 31 Penn State 35West Lafayette, IN57,307 79oF Clear
9/2/22Indiana 23Illinois 20Bloomington, IN44,357 83oF Clear
9/3/22Butler 31 St. Thomas (FL) 26Indianapolis, IN2,194 72oF Humid
9/10/22West Chester 14Slippery Rock 35 West Chester, PA2,633 80oF Sunny
10/8/22Navy 53Tulsa 21Annapolis, MD30,658 58oF Sunny
10/22/22Baylor 35Kansas 23Waco, TX45,882 75oF Windy
10/22/22#8 TCU 38#17 Kansas State 28Fort Worth, TX47,881 81oF Windy
11/19/22Georgia Southern 10Marshall 23Statesboro, GA16,153 52oF Cloudy
12/16/22North Central (IL) 28Mount Union 21Annapolis, MD3,231 42oF Clear

Future Venues

Will see a game at: 
Buccaneers StadiumSouth Florida Bulls
Yale BowlYale Bulldogs
Raiders StadiumUNLV Running Rebels

Best Games Attended


#1 September 25th, 1999 - Raleigh, NC - East Carolina 27, #13 Miami 23

               This game was moved from Greenville to Raleigh, because a devastating hurricane pounded the Piedmont.  Ironically, the Pirates swept away the mighty Miami Hurricanes in stunning fashion.  A thrilling postgame celebration followed.  Fans stormed the field and tore down the goal post, which belonged to ECU’s arch rival, N.C. State.     


#2 November 13th, 2010 - New Orleans, LA - Tulane 54, Rice 49

               Bourbon Street was buzzing and bustling, but just across town, the Super Dome was quiet as a mouse.  The stands were so silent that the punting noise could be heard from the upper deck as it echoed within the baron building.  But punts were few and far between in this game.  The sparse crowd witnessed an awesome offensive spectacle.  It was simply one of the most exciting games ever seen.   


#3 November 3rd, 2007 - South Bend, IN - Navy 46, Notre Dame 44

               Going into this game, Notre Dame had won a record setting 43 straight games against the Midshipmen.  It took three overtimes to do it, but Navy finally beat the Irish on a crisp autumn afternoon in front of eighty thousand shocked fans.


#4 November 21st, 2009 - Bethlehem, PA - Lehigh 27, Lafayette 21

               This matchup is the most-played football rivalry in America.  As a harvest moon rose atop the scenic foothills of the Lehigh Valley, the Mountain Hawks and Leopards settled the festive 145th meeting in overtime.  Lehigh upset Lafayette on a beautiful autumn afternoon in front of a sellout crowd.    


#5t September 6th, 2010 - Landover, MD - #3 Boise State 33, #10 Virginia Tech 30

               All the naysayers were proven wrong about Boise State’s high ranking.  In a program defining game, the Broncos drove the ball on their final offensive possession to beat the Hokies in front of over eighty-six thousand screaming fans.   


#5t November 17th, 2007 – Tuscaloosa, AL - Louisiana Monroe 21, Alabama 14

               Nick Saban just inked his signature on a four million dollar coaching contract at Bama when a tiny little Sun Belt team traveled Tuscaloosa.  Over ninety-two thousand Alabama fans were speechless after witnessing a flawless performance by the War Hawks.  For one day, Louisiana Monroe looked like a SEC king.     

Honorable Mention –October 29, 2011–College Station, TXMissouri38,#16 Texas A&M31

               Deep in the heart of Texas, the only thing better than that day’s beautiful, sunny weather was Missouri’s miraculous comeback.  A&M couldn’t hold down a sizable lead and lost to the tenacious Tigers in overtime.  It was the final game between the two teams as members of the Big 12; they will continue to play in future seasons as members of the SEC.   


Honorable Mention –October 7th, 2010 –West Chester, PA WCU 44, Shippensburg 43

               During a crisp autumn evening, the Golden Rams and Red Raiders matched each other stride for stride.  Each school netted 512 offensive yards apiece, and the difference was a blocked extra-point at the end of the second overtime. 


Honorable Mention -November 15th, 2003 – Philadelphia, PA -#12 Virginia Tech 24,Temple 23

               Temple was the laughing stock of the Big East at the time, and hobbled into this game.  On the other side of the field, Virginia Tech was experiencing another stellar season.  There was something in the chilly air that day, because the undersized Owls out played the Hokies.  However Temple regressed back to their dismal ways in overtime when they missed a disheartening extra point to lose the game.   

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